New Energy Automotive Connector Solutions

With the increasing of new energy automotive, The construction of charging pile accelerates and the demand for connector grows rapidly. In response to the rapid development of new energy vehicles in the future, ANEN new energy automobile connector has the characteristics of safety and energy saving, environmental protection, economy, reduction and reduction of emission reduction and clean environment. The product has a self-locking structure, which can guarantee the loss of power battery and electronic equipment due to the accidental disconnection of the charging connection during the charging process. Anti-touch protection; Adapt to the bad working environment; Waterproof grade IP65; The service life can reach 10000 times. Effectively guarantee the life of electric vehicles and the personalsafety of users, create more value for customers and protect the environment.

Application Fields:

Application to pure electric automotive、Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle、Other electric vehicles、 The AC charging connection of the electric sightseeing car and the washing ground car can satisfy the charging connection of the vehicle in the home, work place, professional charging pile and charging station.

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