OT Terminal Series Products Solutions

Brass terminals, also known as wire, copper wire, copper nose, terminal blocks, etc., are used for electric wire electric cable connected to the electrical equipment fittings, the top side as the fixed screw on the side, for after peeling on at the end of the copper wire cable. Use copper nose for more than 10 square meters, less than 10 square wires do not use copper nose, switch to cold pressed line nose. Copper nose has a surface plate tin and non-tin, tube pressure and oil – type. Materials: Adopt first-class conductive materials(Red Bronze)+(Tin-Plated). Standards: According to international standards to produce. Certificate: All products are passed UL,CSA and ROHS environmental certification. High performance, firm& artistic appearance. Application: It is widely apply in lamps, household appliances, industrial electrical appliance, power distribution cabinet, wire harness, cable , electrical machine, power system industries etc. Traditional terminal, the parameter is not precision in processing, can not meet customer’s high application demand, the surface is not smooth, easy to break; It will loss electrical characteristic, when in high pressure shock. It will occur unstable when in installation. On precision terminal, NBC put into large research cost, develop a series of terminal, which is high elastic, high temperature resistance, high shock resistance, high safety coefficient, easy to install, high conductivity, good insulation. Provide power products connection solutions to customer rapidly.

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